• Kathryn Rowan

Copenhagen Christmas

Europe is rich in charm and tradition- traits that are highly elevated during the holiday season.

In 2016, I spent December traveling all over Europe visiting every Christmas market possible.

Christmas markets aren't really a thing in the United States, so being able to see them in Europe was high on my bucket list.

Fun fact- Copenhagen has incredible hotdogs. Like my favorite in the whole world. They have what I can best describe as crispies on them and are topped with pickles. It was fun walking through the different markets and then stopping for a quick hotdog.

Traveling to cold places can be a big turn off for some, but I highly recommend you make a trip to Europe in December, bare the cold, and explore the many Christmas markets.

In my rank of markets I've been to, Copenhagen in definitely in the top 5. The charm of the city in combination with the festive decor (and the hotdogs) makes for a wonderful holiday stop to add to your bucket list.

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